picture of Michael hunter abstract artist.jpg

I studied A level art at Blackpool and the Fylde College where I learnt the basics of drawing and painting. I progressed my work further by studying at The Cumbria College of art and design where I achieved a degree in fine art. My style changed dramatically from a traditional style to a kind of semi abstract expressionist style of landscape painting to total abstraction which is where I feel most comfortable. Abstract art for me has no limits or boundaries and just gets more enjoyable every time I create a new piece.

I am inspired by many different things such as listening to uplifting music or walking by the sea which can get my mind thinking about my next creation.. To create abstract art is a pleasure which gets seems to get more enjoyable each time and the possibilities are endless.

I currently have my work represented by galleries in Cumbria, Lancashire and London and work with interior designers who are searching for a fresh approach to abstract art.